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Vangelus Review 269-D – Combiner Wars Voyager Silverbolt (Transformers Generations)

combinerwars-silverbolt-01 combinerwars-silverbolt-02 combinerwars-silverbolt-03 combinerwars-silverbolt-04 combinerwars-silverbolt-05 combinerwars-silverbolt-06 combinerwars-silverbolt-07 combinerwars-silverbolt-08 combinerwars-silverbolt-09 combinerwars-silverbolt-10 combinerwars-silverbolt-11 combinerwars-silverbolt-12 combinerwars-silverbolt-13 combinerwars-silverbolt-14
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V-Build 66 – Columpio’s Hip Replacement Surgery

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WTF @ TFW – 348 – March 20 2015

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Aaron and TJ take matters into their own hands to resurrect a conquered titan, before the blood on Vangelus’s hands has even begun to dry.

Vangelus Review 269-C – Combiner Wars Deluxe Skydive (Transformers Generations)

combinerwars-skydive-01 combinerwars-skydive-02 combinerwars-skydive-03 combinerwars-skydive-04 combinerwars-skydive-05 combinerwars-skydive-06 combinerwars-skydive-07 combinerwars-skydive-08 combinerwars-skydive-09 combinerwars-skydive-10
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Vangelus Review 273 – Fewture EX Gokin Alpha Trion

fewture-alphatrion-01 fewture-alphatrion-02 fewture-alphatrion-03 fewture-alphatrion-04 fewture-alphatrion-05 fewture-alphatrion-06 fewture-alphatrion-07 fewture-alphatrion-08 fewture-alphatrion-09 fewture-alphatrion-10 fewture-alphatrion-11 fewture-alphatrion-12 fewture-alphatrion-13 fewture-alphatrion-14
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WTF @ TFW – 347 – March 13 2015

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It’s time for a Seth/Vangelus power hour of Transformers illumination! note: this podcast is longer than an hour

WTF @ TFW – 346 – March 8 2015

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Toy Fair Australia and a combining chat with Yuki-san take Vangelus, Aaron, and TJ through an artistically emergency Sunday podcast.

WTF @ TFW – 345 – February 27 2015

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With Seth Buzzard infected with the plague, Vangelus must summon a secret ringer to catch up on the state of the internet, and eventually some Transformers news as well.

Vlog – Bravo Halo Slice It Chop It – March 10 2015

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Vangelus Review 269-B – Combiner Wars Deluxe Alpha Bravo (Transformers Generations)

combinerwars-alphabravo-01 combinerwars-alphabravo-02 combinerwars-alphabravo-03 combinerwars-alphabravo-04 combinerwars-alphabravo-05 combinerwars-alphabravo-06 combinerwars-alphabravo-07 combinerwars-alphabravo-08 combinerwars-alphabravo-09 combinerwars-alphabravo-10 combinerwars-alphabravo-11 combinerwars-alphabravo-12
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