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Vangelus Review 243-C – Unique Toys O-03 Fenrir

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ut-ordin-fenrir-02 ut-ordin-fenrir-03 ut-ordin-fenrir-04 ut-ordin-fenrir-05 ut-ordin-fenrir-06 ut-ordin-fenrir-07 ut-ordin-fenrir-08 ut-ordin-fenrir-09 ut-ordin-fenrir-10 ut-ordin-fenrir-11 ut-ordin-fenrir-12

WTF @ Botcon 2015 – 03 – The Jacer Debriefing®

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The WTF@TFW Botcon 2015 Trilogy caps off with a debriefing alongside TFW staffer Jacer, who has a whole bunch of stories about that St Charles weekend.

WTF @ Botcon 2015 – 02 – Hasbro Interview Audio

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It’s time for some raw phone-recorded audio of an interview with Hasbro’s Jerry Jivoin and Ben Montano, conducted by and care of TFW2005 staff member optimusfan.

Vangelus Review 280 – Badcube OTS-05/06/07 Evil Bug Corps Value Pack

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badcube-evilbugcorps-02 badcube-evilbugcorps-03 badcube-evilbugcorps-04 badcube-evilbugcorps-05 badcube-evilbugcorps-06 badcube-evilbugcorps-07

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WTF @ Botcon 2015 – 01 – The Ichabotcon Chronicles

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And now, through the magic of the Ichabod Space Cube, the computer-enhanced stories of Botcon 2015 – Botcon: The Ichabotcon Chronicles.

Vlog – Broken Streak – June 20 2015

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Vangelus Review 279 – MMC R-12 Cynicus

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mmc-cynicus-02 mmc-cynicus-03 mmc-cynicus-04 mmc-cynicus-05 mmc-cynicus-06 mmc-cynicus-07 mmc-cynicus-08 mmc-cynicus-09 mmc-cynicus-10 mmc-cynicus-11 mmc-cynicus-12 mmc-cynicus-13 mmc-cynicus-14 mmc-cynicus-15 mmc-cynicus-16 mmc-cynicus-17 mmc-cynicus-18 mmc-cynicus-19

Vangelus Review 275-B – Combiner Wars Legends Blackjack (Transformers Generations)

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combinerwars-blackjack-02 combinerwars-blackjack-03 combinerwars-blackjack-04 combinerwars-blackjack-05 combinerwars-blackjack-06 combinerwars-blackjack-07 combinerwars-blackjack-08

Vangelus Review 138-X – KFC KP-06T Hands and Gun for MP-10 Convoy

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kfc-kp06t-hands-02 kfc-kp06t-hands-03 kfc-kp06t-hands-04 kfc-kp06t-hands-05 kfc-kp06t-hands-06 kfc-kp06t-hands-07 kfc-kp06t-hands-08 kfc-kp06t-hands-09

Vangelus Review 269-F – Combiner Wars Deluxe Air Raid (Transformers Generations)

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combinerwars-airraid-01 combinerwars-airraid-02 combinerwars-airraid-03 combinerwars-airraid-04 combinerwars-airraid-05 combinerwars-airraid-06 combinerwars-airraid-07 combinerwars-airraid-08 combinerwars-airraid-09


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