WTF @ TFW – 360 – June 12 2015

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Vangelus and Aaron fish an Ichabod out of Florida, IL to talk about upcoming SDCC Transformerisms and the weather.

WTF @ TFW – Supplemental 45 – TFExpo-sitioning 2015 – June 10 2015

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A sit-down internet chat to exposit a little about Wichita’s upcoming TF Expo.

Vangelus Review 275-B – Combiner Wars Legends Blackjack (Transformers Generations)

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combinerwars-blackjack-02 combinerwars-blackjack-03 combinerwars-blackjack-04 combinerwars-blackjack-05 combinerwars-blackjack-06 combinerwars-blackjack-07 combinerwars-blackjack-08

Vangelus Review 138-X – KFC KP-06T Hands and Gun for MP-10 Convoy

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kfc-kp06t-hands-02 kfc-kp06t-hands-03 kfc-kp06t-hands-04 kfc-kp06t-hands-05 kfc-kp06t-hands-06 kfc-kp06t-hands-07 kfc-kp06t-hands-08 kfc-kp06t-hands-09

WTF @ TFW – 359 – June 2 2015

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When the 1 of Vangelus plus the 1 of Seth Buzzard equal the 2 that is the 1 of 1 episode of WTF@TFW, what happens when a 3rd 1 is added to the 2? Does it still make the 1 of 1 episode or is it now 3?!

Vangelus Review 269-F – Combiner Wars Deluxe Air Raid (Transformers Generations)

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combinerwars-airraid-01 combinerwars-airraid-02 combinerwars-airraid-03 combinerwars-airraid-04 combinerwars-airraid-05 combinerwars-airraid-06 combinerwars-airraid-07 combinerwars-airraid-08 combinerwars-airraid-09

Prototype Playtime 01 – Lost Protectors Desolataur Test Shot (Play With This Too)

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prototype-pwtt-desolataur-02 prototype-pwtt-desolataur-03 prototype-pwtt-desolataur-04 prototype-pwtt-desolataur-05 prototype-pwtt-desolataur-06 prototype-pwtt-desolataur-07 prototype-pwtt-desolataur-08 prototype-pwtt-desolataur-09 prototype-pwtt-desolataur-10 prototype-pwtt-desolataur-11 prototype-pwtt-desolataur-12 prototype-pwtt-desolataur-13 prototype-pwtt-desolataur-14 prototype-pwtt-desolataur-15 prototype-pwtt-desolataur-16 prototype-pwtt-desolataur-17 prototype-pwtt-desolataur-18

WTF @ TFW – 358 – May 30 2015

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Vangelus joins Aaron and TJ to talk hot scoops from GlobCon 2015 and devise new ways to terrorize with blindfolds.

WTF @ TFW – Supplemental 44 – TFCON PREP 2015 – May 27 2015

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It’s time for a chat with Colin TFcon about 2015’s upcoming adventures in Toronto and Charlotte.

Vangelus Review 278 – Mezco One:12 Collective Batman (The Dark Knight Returns)

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mezco-batman-01 mezco-batman-02 mezco-batman-03 mezco-batman-04 mezco-batman-05 mezco-batman-06 mezco-batman-07 mezco-batman-08 mezco-batman-09 mezco-batman-10 mezco-batman-11 mezco-batman-12 mezco-batman-13 mezco-batman-14 mezco-batman-15 mezco-batman-16 mezco-batman-17 mezco-batman-18


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