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Botcon 2012 – The Vlog and The Interviews

Botcon2012_1333467265 Botcon2012-TheVlog Botcon2012-TheInterviews
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This took way too long to get around to cutting together, especially when editing took so much less time than I thought it would!

Vangelus Review 186 – TF Generations FOC Shockwave

FOCShockwave01 FOCShockwave02 FOCShockwave03
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Vangelus Review 184 – TF Generations FOC Jazz

FOCjazz01 FOCjazz02 FOCjazz03
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Vangelus Review 182 – TF Generations FOC Optimus Prime

FOCoptimus01 FOCoptimus02 FOCoptimus03
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Vangelus Review 175 – Play Arts Kai Garrus Vakarian

PAKGarrus-03 PAKGarrus-02 PAKGarrus-01
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Vaudiosonic – 07 – Massively Effected Cubed Pt2 – April 21 2012

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Many thanks to GogDog and Seth Buzzard for joining me on these!  Hopefully I can get ‘em back in for an epilogue chat about the Extended Cut DLC.  :D

Still no luck with LibSyn, but due to upgrading to Blip Pro to get the video versions to actually process properly, I was able to get Blip to make an MP3 copy of this episode!

Vaudiosonic 06 – Massively Effected Cubed Pt1 – April 21 2012

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Working on getting episode 07 up to finish off this discussion!  It may only be Blip/MP3 for a bit due to Libsyn limitations.  D:

WTF @ TFW @ Botcon 2012

We podcasted up a storm at Botcon 2012!  Click any of the titles below to hit up the episodes!

01 – Wednesday April 25
Everything begins without Vangelus! Special guest appearances by umm hey

02 – WTF @ TFW – 197 – April 26 2012
On Thursday night (more like Friday morning), after a long game of Cards Against Humanity, Vangelus and Gogdog and Seth Buzzard and Aaron and Quinjester and MiraiBaby and Silvershot and Cooksux record into a Zoom H4n.

03 – Preorder66 Ruined It for the Children – Friday April 27
Warning – Explicit Content – Thanks The_Empir3
Vangelus roams the TFW Meetup to do some guerilla podcasting! And then it all falls apart.

04 – Saturday April 28
Day 1 of the Botcon 2012 Weekend is revisited shortly before the Hall of Fame event, as Vangelus is joined by Aaron, Gogdog, Seth Buzzard, Quinjester, Alphie, TheReigner, and CookSux.

05 – Sunday April 29
Botcon 2012 has ended, and Vangelus wants to know what Gogdog, Aaron, and Seth Buzzard think! And hey, guess what? Silvershot, CookSux, Quinjester, and Derrick J Wyatt want to get in on that too.

06 – Garry Chalkin’
Shortly before he took his leave of Botcon 2012, the perennial superboss Garry Chalk sat down for WTF@TFW’s very first show-floor interview.

07 – Falling With Tieger
Less than 20 minutes before his final Fall of Cybertron demo presentation of the day, Matt Tieger joined WTF@TFW for their final show floor interview to discuss the space t-rex and the space t-rex and more!

WTF @ TFW – 174 – November 17 2011

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Strap it on with Vangelus, Aaron, and Omegus to deliver a message of Transformers cheer to the citizens of Stillwater!

Saints Row the Third – Whaaaaaaaaaaaat

Apparently(?) this is an actual side mission in Saints Row the Third, a game I am pumped to pick up when I have the time and cash.  Have been for months.

Bit of backstory: I got to know my good friend Andi, who is one of the main people responsible for me having any interest in the creation of media at all, while we were both (and still are both) DJs on The Cape Radio, an internet radio station based out of City of Heroes.  I go by DJ Vangelus, Andi goes by DJ Enigma.

“DJ Vangela and DJ Enigmus”

Andi has played trance music.

DJ Enigmus uses decoys to prevent her assassination.  DJ Enigma the City of Heroes character is an Illusion controller, who can summon decoys.

Vangela and Enigma both sort of resemble images of either photos or avatars of Andi and myself.



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