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NYCC Interviews – Day 3

NYCC 2013 - Day 3 Interviews
08 – Livio Ramondelli – Transformers Autocracy/Monstrosity
09 – Nemo’s Workshop and Kranix Dyeworks
10 – Chris Negri and Victor Durango – Bah’glenn Creations and Cassette Man Studios
11 – Peter Kato –
12 – “Toy Guru” Scott Nietlich – MattyCollector
13 – Bisma Ansari – Megabloks

NYCC Interviews – Day 2

NYCC 2013 - Day 2 Interviews
04 – Nistuff –
05 – “Cornboy” Eric Mayse – Four Horsement Design
06 – Philip J Reed – and Transforming Collections
07 – Brandon Barker – Warlords of Wor – Man Or Monster Studios

NYCC Interviews – Day 1

NYCC 2013 - Day 1 Interviews
01 – Bluefin Tamashii Nations
02 – / Spaced Out Design / Truecast Studio
03 – Bandai of America

WTF @ TFcon 2013 – 03 – Interview with Marilyn Lightstone & Venus Terzo – July 27 2013

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Video version coming soon!

Botcon 2013 – Artists Alley – Josh Burcham & Marcelo Matere


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Josh Burcham is:


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Marcelo Matere is:

Botcon 2013 – Hasbro Team Interviews

Clint Chapman – Global Brand Manager
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Joshua Lamb – Sr Director Design & Development
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Finally, if you want these in M4A or MP3 form, there’s a combined podcast version.
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Botcon 2012 – The Vlog and The Interviews

Botcon2012_1333467265 Botcon2012-TheVlog Botcon2012-TheInterviews
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This took way too long to get around to cutting together, especially when editing took so much less time than I thought it would!

12″PM C-3PO Development Blogs


This is a high-end toy among high-end toy, and has a two-part development blog to boot!  Seiji Takahashi wrote them to describe some of the thought process behind this bigtime Star Wars collectible.  Check them out below, it’s pretty cool stuff.

Part 1

Part 2

WTF @ TFW – Supplemental 40 – – Dec 27 2012

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Join the tres fantastico artist Emiliano Santalucia for a chat about his work on Transformers past and present, and a spettacolo di varietà of other topics!

Production Matters – Sarah Fisher – May 11 2012

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We’ve done a couple of prior Production Matters episodes at Trebas, but this is the first one to be edited together. It’s been fun to practice hosting an interview through this series! Future episodes may be on the Trebas youtube page, but since I did post-editing on this one I was able to share it personally. Hope some of you find it cool!


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