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Vangelus Review 255-C – Mastermind Creations R-09 Eupatorium & R-10 Salvia Prominon

Click to proceed to the video page!mmc-eupatorium-salvia-02 mmc-eupatorium-salvia-03 mmc-eupatorium-salvia-04 mmc-eupatorium-salvia-05 mmc-eupatorium-salvia-06 mmc-eupatorium-salvia-07 mmc-eupatorium-salvia-08 mmc-eupatorium-salvia-09 mmc-eupatorium-salvia-10 mmc-eupatorium-salvia-11 mmc-eupatorium-salvia-12 mmc-eupatorium-salvia-13 mmc-eupatorium-salvia-14 azaleacars-hovering-01 mmc-eupatorium-salvia-15 mmc-eupatorium-salvia-16

Vangelus Review 279 – MMC R-12 Cynicus

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mmc-cynicus-02 mmc-cynicus-03 mmc-cynicus-04 mmc-cynicus-05 mmc-cynicus-06 mmc-cynicus-07 mmc-cynicus-08 mmc-cynicus-09 mmc-cynicus-10 mmc-cynicus-11 mmc-cynicus-12 mmc-cynicus-13 mmc-cynicus-14 mmc-cynicus-15 mmc-cynicus-16 mmc-cynicus-17 mmc-cynicus-18 mmc-cynicus-19

Vangelus Review 195-F – MMC Feral Rex

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Vangelus Review 195-X – Crazy Devy CDMW-39 The King’s Power Parts Plated Wings

cdmw39-platedwings-01 cdmw39-platedwings-02 cdmw39-platedwings-03 cdmw39-platedwings-04 cdmw39-platedwings-05
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Vangelus Review 255-A – Mastermind Creations R-08 Azalea the Avenger (with Zinnia & Asterisk)

mmc-azaleas-01 mmc-azaleas-02 mmc-azaleas-03 mmc-azaleas-04 mmc-azaleas-05 mmc-azaleas-06 mmc-azaleas-07 mmc-azaleas-08 mmc-azaleas-09 mmc-azaleas-10 mmc-azaleas-13 mmc-azaleas-12 mmc-azaleas-11
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MMC R-08 Azalea Asterisk Mode – A TFcon Quick Look with Slayershoop

quicklook-azalea-asterisk-01 quicklook-azalea-asterisk-02 quicklook-azalea-asterisk-03 quicklook-azalea-asterisk-04 quicklook-azalea-asterisk-05 quicklook-azalea-asterisk-06 quicklook-azalea-asterisk-07 quicklook-azalea-asterisk-08 quicklook-azalea-asterisk-09 quicklook-azalea-asterisk-10quicklook-azalea-asterisk-11 quicklook-azalea-asterisk-12
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Vangelus Review 195-E – MMC R-06 Tigris (Feral Rex)

mmc-tigris-01 mmc-tigris-02 mmc-tigris-03 mmc-tigris-04 mmc-tigris-05 mmc-tigris-06 mmc-tigris-07 mmc-tigris-08 mmc-tigris-09
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Vangelus Review 195-D – MMC R-02 Talon (Feral Rex)

mmc-talon-01 mmc-talon-02 mmc-talon-03 mmc-talon-04 mmc-talon-05 mmc-talon-06 mmc-talon-07 mmc-talon-08 mmc-talon-09 mmc-talon-10 mmc-talon-11
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Vangelus Review 195-CX – Feral Rex Check-In

feralrex-checkin-01 feralrex-checkin-02 feralrex-checkin-03
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Vangelus Review 195-C – MMC R-04 Leo Dux (Feral Rex)

leodux-01 leodux-02 leodux-03 leodux-04 leodux-05 leodux-06 leodux-07 leodux-08 leodux-09 leodux-10 leodux-11
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