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Vangelus Review 308 – First Order Stormtrooper (Star Wars Black Series 6-Inch)

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starwars-blackseries6in-FOstormtrooper-02 starwars-blackseries6in-FOstormtrooper-03 starwars-blackseries6in-FOstormtrooper-04 starwars-blackseries6in-FOstormtrooper-05 starwars-blackseries6in-FOstormtrooper-06 starwars-blackseries6in-FOstormtrooper-07 starwars-blackseries6in-FOstormtrooper-08

Vangelus Review 307 – Kylo Ren (Star Wars Black Series 6-Inch)

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starwars-blackseries6in-kyloren-02 starwars-blackseries6in-kyloren-03 starwars-blackseries6in-kyloren-04 starwars-blackseries6in-kyloren-05 starwars-blackseries6in-kyloren-06 starwars-blackseries6in-kyloren-07 starwars-blackseries6in-kyloren-08 starwars-blackseries6in-kyloren-09 starwars-blackseries6in-kyloren-10

Vangelus Review 306 – MMC Reformatted R13 Spartan

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mmc-spartan-02 mmc-spartan-03 mmc-spartan-04 mmc-spartan-05 mmc-spartan-06 mmc-spartan-07 mmc-spartan-08 mmc-spartan-09 mmc-spartan-10 mmc-spartan-11 mmc-spartan-12

Vangelus Review 305 – Iron Factory IF EX-02 Turrets and Manacle

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Vangelus Review 258-R – LG16 Slipstream (Transformers Legends)

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lg16-slipstream-02 lg16-slipstream-03 lg16-slipstream-04 lg16-slipstream-05 lg16-slipstream-06 lg16-slipstream-07 lg16-slipstream-08 lg16-slipstream-09 lg16-slipstream-10 lg16-slipstream-11 lg16-slipstream-12

Vangelus Review 304 – Planet X PX-06 Vulcun

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px06-vulcun-02 px06-vulcun-03 px06-vulcun-04 px06-vulcun-05 px06-vulcun-06 px06-vulcun-07 px06-vulcun-08 px06-vulcun-09 px06-vulcun-10 px06-vulcun-11 px06-vulcun-12 px06-vulcun-13 px06-vulcun-14

Vangelus Review 303 – Iron Factory IF EX-01 Dinoarmor & Rifle Upgrade Set

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ifex01-dinoarmor-02 ifex01-dinoarmor-03 ifex01-dinoarmor-04 ifex01-dinoarmor-05 ifex01-dinoarmor-06 ifex01-dinoarmor-07

Vangelus Review 302 – TF Generations FOC Grimlock

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tfg-foc-grimlock-02 tfg-foc-grimlock-03 tfg-foc-grimlock-04 tfg-foc-grimlock-05 tfg-foc-grimlock-06 tfg-foc-grimlock-07 tfg-foc-grimlock-08

Vangelus Review 301 – MMC Ocular Max PS-01 Sphinx (1st Release)

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MMC-OX-Sphinx-02 MMC-OX-Sphinx-03 MMC-OX-Sphinx-04 MMC-OX-Sphinx-05 MMC-OX-Sphinx-06 MMC-OX-Sphinx-07 MMC-OX-Sphinx-08 MMC-OX-Sphinx-09 MMC-OX-Sphinx-10 MMC-OX-Sphinx-11 MMC-OX-Sphinx-12 MMC-OX-Sphinx-13 MMC-OX-Sphinx-14

Vangelus Review 300 – GX-68 GaoGaiGar (Soul of Chogokin)

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