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WTF @ TFW – 369 – August 13 2015

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The triple sizzle nizzle episode is short, sweet, and funky.

Chillformations 07 – Maketoys MTRM 07 Visualizers

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V-Build 78 – Call of Duty Mega Bloks and Tiny Titans and Meat – Aug 8 2015

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Vangelus Review 275-F – Combiner Wars Deluxe Offroad (Transformers Generations)

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WTF @ TFW – 368 – August 10 2015

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Aaron and TJ can only watch in horror as Vangelus gets hundreds of Transformers names and descriptions completely wrong.

Vangelus Review 275-E – Combiner Wars Deluxe Dead End (Transformers Generations)

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Vangelus Review 275-D – Combiner Wars Deluxe Breakdown (Transformers Generations)

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V-Build 75 – Nonnef Productions Combiner Wars Hip Ratchets for Optimus/Motormaster/Silverbolt

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Vangelus Review 255-C – Mastermind Creations R-09 Eupatorium & R-10 Salvia Prominon

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V-Build 74 – KRE-O Bumblebee Kreon Battle Changer – July 4 2015

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