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Vaudiosonic – 07 – Massively Effected Cubed Pt2 – April 21 2012

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Many thanks to GogDog and Seth Buzzard for joining me on these!  Hopefully I can get ‘em back in for an epilogue chat about the Extended Cut DLC.  :D

Still no luck with LibSyn, but due to upgrading to Blip Pro to get the video versions to actually process properly, I was able to get Blip to make an MP3 copy of this episode!

Vaudiosonic 06 – Massively Effected Cubed Pt1 – April 21 2012

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Working on getting episode 07 up to finish off this discussion!  It may only be Blip/MP3 for a bit due to Libsyn limitations.  D:

Vaudiosonic 05 – Robovention XLR – June 4 2011

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Vaudiosonic – 04 – Toyetic Videodrome

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Vangelus and Peaugh have a chat about the good ol’ days of $1 Animated Voyagers on ebay, getting into video reviewing, and more as they sit down in a hotel room at Botcon 2011.

Vaudiosonic – 03 – Dead Spaced 2 – April 22 and July 18 2011

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Vaudiosonic – 02 – Dead Spaced – April 22 2011

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Once I play Dead Spaced Severed we’ll re-convene to record some thoughts, and I’ll combine that with our Dead Space 2 chatter from April.  Many bows to Gog and Andy for the delay on getting this out!

Day 2 Update

Whew man this is a lot of grindwork, hahaha.

So far the skeleton of the site is more or less in place!  Click around to see how things will build up as I poke at making pages for vids and podcasts.

Also, all the Blip stuff is now up-to-date.  Vaudiosonic’s only current episode is all set up, as are all my reviews and V-Chats for ThatGuyWithTheGlasses.  I wanted to get those ready first for two reasons: That’s my smaller body of work, and it means I can point Youtube folks there as I’ve not been awesome at keeping ‘em informed on my channel.  Always feel kind of cheesy about promoting my Blip work on there, though I know it’s really not poor cricket at the end of the day.

Gotta get tomorrow’s Blip review ready and finish filming the next Youtube vid, as well as edit + release a pair of WTF podcasts, so I might try to lay off spending hours on here for the next day or two.  He says, the naive boy~


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