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Glyos Build – Glyanaut Rocket

Based on Matt Doughty’s build, I added some astronautical propulsion…

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Glyos Build – AutoCentaur Prototype

This was my first full-on Glyos build, using most of what I got in my first box of parts.  He actually transforms!  I hope to improve it in future, maybe grab a set of parts and do up a full-on custom based on it.  More pics (including the transformation) after the cut!

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Callgrim Custom Corp 1 – My Pulls

My haul from Jesse Moore’s Callgrim Custom Corp 1 release finally arrived!  Time for photography…

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DemonSS’s Omega Spreem

At TFcon 2011, DemonSS had a fantastic customization entry that just screamed for a few pics to be taken…

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Vangelus Review 128 – TFcon 2011 Headrobots Stronghold (With customizing tips)

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I’ve been doing a few more silver paint apps on him since the video.  Not sure what my end goal is, for now I think it’ll be “add silver to bits that look silverable” and figure out some paint additions to his guns.  I also painted the teeny Headrobot face!