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Callgrim – Riac and the Howler Warp Bike

I’m so surprised this is still available on the Callgrim Shop at the time of this posting.  D:

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Herculean Financial Responsibility!

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Within the next month, the other four will be bought and received.


WTF @ TFW – 183 – January 20 2012

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Please check the first reply in the thread right away!  It’s imperative!

Vangelus TGWTG Review – Thundercats 2011

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SKRonex and Ori Toy – Acid Rain

I got this link from tas262 on Twitter about a cool line-up that Robot Kingdom says they will be getting ahold of.  These things are apparently ABS/PVC, done in a highly limited run with tons of paint apps, and scaled to GI Joes.  Unless they’re balls-crazy expensive I think they’re right up my alley.  D:  Hopefully I don’t miss them coming out, whenver they do!

Here’s the SKRonex page about these figures!

This is also me trying to do more blogging that doesn’t involve “hey look new video and/or podcast is up”.  >.>;

Vangelus Review 137 – TF Prime Deluxe Cliffjumper (First Edition)

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MAGfest X – Complete & Other Stuff

Hey everybody~  I was at MAGFest X for the last week of my holiday (the first week of which I was dead sick with a flash flu).  Video production is resuming and stuff should be back in the saddle like a superhero cowboy real soon.

I’m also doing this blog post to show a classmate of mine how WordPress works!

I hate doing this but to make myself accountable, I’m working on these videos at the moment:

TF Prime Cliffjumper
MP-10 Convoy

Thundercats (2011)

I’ve also made a few more pages for my Youtube backlog, including the somewhat embarrassing Hi Price of the Final Def!  I might do some blog posts about old videos sometime to reminisce on them.

Happy January~!

WTF @ TFW – 182 – January 13 2012

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Returning to 2012, Vangelus is joined by Aaron and Omegus to discuss Transformers and–damn it now all I can see is ducks, THANKS A LOT, NOW ALL I CAN SEE IS DUCKS.

WTF @ TFW – 181 – January 6 2012

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In the first episode of 2012, everything changes.

WTF @ TFW – 180 – December 29 2011

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Ending the year of two-thousand-and-eleven, Vangelus is joined by Aaron and Omegus just in time for the arrival of Botcon 2012’s brochure and first exclusive reveal.