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V-Build 30 – Lego Galaxy Squad Space Swarmer and Swarm Interceptor – MAGFest 2013

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165 – Revoltech Sci-fi Gamera (1967)

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V-Chat – deMAGnetized

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The links on the bottom will go to the Blip and TGWTG pages.  For some reason I cannot get Blip to successfully embed here anymore!  >.<  It processes the code, but nothing shows up on the actual wordpress page.

A Special Message for GogDog – Task Complete

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MAGfest X – Complete & Other Stuff

Hey everybody~  I was at MAGFest X for the last week of my holiday (the first week of which I was dead sick with a flash flu).  Video production is resuming and stuff should be back in the saddle like a superhero cowboy real soon.

I’m also doing this blog post to show a classmate of mine how WordPress works!

I hate doing this but to make myself accountable, I’m working on these videos at the moment:

TF Prime Cliffjumper
MP-10 Convoy

Thundercats (2011)

I’ve also made a few more pages for my Youtube backlog, including the somewhat embarrassing Hi Price of the Final Def!  I might do some blog posts about old videos sometime to reminisce on them.

Happy January~!