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WTF @ TFW – 149 – May 26 2011

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Vangelus Review 108-R – Alternity Thundercracker

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Glyos – Nistuff box and more

Nistuff is the guy who first told me about Glyos and gave me a pile of info to work with, and today I received some physical assistance from him as well!

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WTF @ TFW 148 and BOTCON PREP 2011

WTF @ TFW – 148 – May 19 2011


WTF @ TFW – Supplemental 33 – BOTCON PREP 2011

More Harrison and C3

Some better-lit detail shots that I took mostly to show off the…detail.

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Vangelus TGWTG Review – ThreeA WWRp Large Martin and Armstrong

It was going to be more of an overview but sort of turns into a review fairly quickly.  I will be doing better individual review vids eventually!

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WTF @ TFW Ep147 and Primetime 13

WTF @ TFW – 147 – May 12 2011


WTF Primetime – 13 – Shadowzone – May 17 2011

Vangelus Review 125 – TF Collection 6 – G1 Megatron

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I’ve also worked him into the Youtube Vangelus Reviews and Transformers Reviews pages.  I think I am just going to make pages for vids as they happen, while chipping away at the backlog.  Eventually we will have synchronicity!

Harrison and C3

Got these guys off of mANNEe on Kidrobot for a nice price, and they showed up today!

WWRp Mod Chip Large Martin and Shadow Guard Armstrong


WTF @ TFW Ep146 and Primetime 12

WTF @ TFW – 146 – May 5 2011


WTF Primetime – 12 – Out of His Head – May 9 2011