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WTF @ TFW – 157 – July 22 2011

WTF @ TFW – 157 – July 22 2011

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Year 4 of WTF@TFW begins with Vangelus broadcasting from the arid urban jungles of an overheated Toronto apartment he snuck into during his travels.  Gogdog and Seth join his guerrila recording to discuss the Transformers news of 2011’s San Diego Comic Convention.

Vangelus Review 129 – Soul of Chogokin GX-54 Tobikage and Kurojishi

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WTF@TFW – Episode 156 and Primetime – Metal Attraction

WTF @ TFW – 156 – July 15 2011

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Capping a 3-year run of weekly podcast recordings, Omegus and Aaron join an obscenely fatigued Vangelus to try and maneuver him through Transformers news, Skype disconnection, and iTunes reviews.

WTF Primetime – 16 – Metal Attraction – July 12 2011

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Vangelus, Gogdog, and Aaron are metallically attracted to form a tribunal of completely innocent discussion about a completely innocent episode of Transformers Prime that involves magnets.


That’s 3 years of weekly recordings, ladies and gentlemen.  Thank you all, so very much.

WTF @ Dark of the Moon Podcasts

WTF @ Dark of the Moon – 01 – July 4 2011

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Nobody is safe as Vangelus, Gogdog, Aaron, Seth Buzzard, and Omegus Prime have at Transformers: Dark of the Moon until their faces are blue and somebody needs to go eat a damn burger. You will laugh, cry, nod, and be enraged. Spoiler filters are disengaged. It’s time for movie talk.

WTF @ Dark of the Moon – Alpha – July 8 2011

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Surprise! One more time, Vangelus tries to create some high-end Dark of the Moon discussion with a mystery group of panelists! So shift into ultra gear and join us one more time.

WTF @ TFW – 155 – July 7 2011

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Leader Ironhide sheds a tear as Vangelus and Seth watch Gogdog have his way with him. Tune in and find out if anything is outside of the realm of Jason Statham!

Vangelus Review 128 – TFcon 2011 Headrobots Stronghold (With customizing tips)

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I’ve been doing a few more silver paint apps on him since the video.  Not sure what my end goal is, for now I think it’ll be “add silver to bits that look silverable” and figure out some paint additions to his guns.  I also painted the teeny Headrobot face!

Gendrone Revolutionaries and Glyans arrived!

…last week!  Just in time to hang out on my desk for the Callgrim Custom Corps 1.0 drop, too.

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WTF @ TFW – 154 – June 30 2011

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WTF’s first weekly episode after the release of Dark of the Moon is marred by one man who has not yet sipped from the goblet of the future. Tune in to find out, amidst talk of comic books and other questions answered.

Hostage Diner – Plea For Your Help and more

Plea for Your Help – Improvised Promo Piece

Main Hostage Diner Page

This is a local film endeavour I learned about through SkitForBrains.  Plea for Your Help is a fun improvised promo video I got to take part in, but click around to find links to the film’s homepage and Kickstarter fundraising page!  I hope they can pull it off, they were fun folks to work with.

Vaudiosonic – 02 – Dead Spaced – April 22 2011

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Once I play Dead Spaced Severed we’ll re-convene to record some thoughts, and I’ll combine that with our Dead Space 2 chatter from April.  Many bows to Gog and Andy for the delay on getting this out!