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WTF Primetime – 15 – Criss-Cross – June 29 2011

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Spider ladies, retrospectives, and the future of Transformers media might be some of the discussion that stems from this episode of Primetime with Vangelus, Gogdog, Aaron, and Omegus Prime.

WTF @ TFW – 153 – June 23 2011 and a Kreonic Intermission

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Through fire and brimstone, hardware glitches and internet outages, Seth Buzzard arises again and again to join Vangelus and Gogdog in the final pre-DOTM recording of WTF@TFW. Featuring Jim Shooter and a grand Kreo discussion!

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Garageband tried to stop us, but we have overcome.
Specially-prepared by Gogdog, dig in to a Kreonic Intermission, briefly lost from episode 153.


So.  Many.  Technical.  Difficulties.

Vangelus Review 119-R – TFX-04C Crystal Protector

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I tried using masking/matte things for the first time in the opening of this.  Was a lot of fun, even if it didn’t end up looking all that great.  XD