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Vangelus Review 317 – Mecha Zone Bag-O-Bots (Dec 2014 Edition)

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mechazone-bagobots-02 mechazone-bagobots-03 mechazone-bagobots-04 mechazone-bagobots-05 mechazone-bagobots-06 mechazone-bagobots-07 mechazone-bagobots-08 mechazone-bagobots-09 mechazone-bagobots-10 mechazone-bagobots-11

Vlog – Turtle Soup Blind Baggin’ – Jan 26 2016

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Vangelus Review 316 – Combiner Wars Legends Buzzsaw (Transformers Generations)

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combinerwars-buzzsaw-02 combinerwars-buzzsaw-03 combinerwars-buzzsaw-04 combinerwars-buzzsaw-05 combinerwars-buzzsaw-06 combinerwars-buzzsaw-07 combinerwars-buzzsaw-08 combinerwars-buzzsaw-09 combinerwars-buzzsaw-10

Vangelus Review 315 – BTAS The Joker (Bruce Timm DC Designer Series)

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dcc-btas-joker-02 dcc-btas-joker-03 dcc-btas-joker-04 dcc-btas-joker-05 dcc-btas-joker-06 dcc-btas-joker-07 dcc-btas-joker-08 dcc-btas-joker-09 dcc-btas-joker-10 dcc-btas-joker-11

Vangelus Review 314 – Riot Control Stormtrooper vs Poe Dameron (Star Wars Black Series 6-inch)

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starwars-blackseries6in-FOriotvspoe-02 starwars-blackseries6in-FOriotvspoe-03 starwars-blackseries6in-FOriotvspoe-04 starwars-blackseries6in-FOriotvspoe-05 starwars-blackseries6in-FOriotvspoe-06 starwars-blackseries6in-FOriotvspoe-07 starwars-blackseries6in-FOriotvspoe-08 starwars-blackseries6in-FOriotvspoe-09 starwars-blackseries6in-FOriotvspoe-10

WTF @ TFW – 391 – January 18 2016

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Vangelus gets real excited about the word “clash” and Seth purchases a table.

Vangelus Review 313 – KFC E.A.V.I. Metal Doubledeck with Stinger & Mandy

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WTF @ TFW – 390 – January 13 2016

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The even team arrives in 2016 to talk about image leaks and…listen, lemme be square with you. A lego podcast kind of happens at the end. Pick your bricks.

Vangelus Review 312 – First Order Snowtrooper Officer (Star Wars Black Series 6-Inch)

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starwars-blackseries6in-FOsnowtroopOfficer-02 starwars-blackseries6in-FOsnowtroopOfficer-03 starwars-blackseries6in-FOsnowtroopOfficer-04 starwars-blackseries6in-FOsnowtroopOfficer-05 starwars-blackseries6in-FOsnowtroopOfficer-06 starwars-blackseries6in-FOsnowtroopOfficer-07 starwars-blackseries6in-FOsnowtroopOfficer-08 starwars-blackseries6in-FOsnowtroopOfficer-09

Vangelus Review 311 – Maketoys MTRM-02 Gundog (Fully Plastic Test Shot)

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maketoys-gundog-proto-02 maketoys-gundog-proto-03 maketoys-gundog-proto-04 maketoys-gundog-proto-05 maketoys-gundog-proto-06 maketoys-gundog-proto-07 maketoys-gundog-proto-08 maketoys-gundog-proto-09 maketoys-gundog-proto-10 maketoys-gundog-proto-11 maketoys-gundog-proto-12