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Vangelus Review 327 – BTAS Robin (Bruce Timm DC Designer Series)

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Vangelus Review 315 – BTAS The Joker (Bruce Timm DC Designer Series)

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dcc-btas-joker-02 dcc-btas-joker-03 dcc-btas-joker-04 dcc-btas-joker-05 dcc-btas-joker-06 dcc-btas-joker-07 dcc-btas-joker-08 dcc-btas-joker-09 dcc-btas-joker-10 dcc-btas-joker-11

Vangelus Review 256 – Greg Capullo Batman (DC Designer Series)

dcc-designer-capullo-batman-01 dcc-designer-capullo-batman-02 dcc-designer-capullo-batman-03 dcc-designer-capullo-batman-04 dcc-designer-capullo-batman-05 dcc-designer-capullo-batman-06 dcc-designer-capullo-batman-07 dcc-designer-capullo-batman-08 dcc-designer-capullo-batman-09
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