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Vangelus Review 140-E – Glyos (Armodoc)

glyos-Armodoc-01 glyos-Armodoc-02 glyos-Armodoc-03 glyos-Armodoc-04 glyos-Armodoc-05 glyos-Armodoc-06
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Robo Force 2013: Enemy Maximus

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In light of Robo Force’s return (and 3-minute sell-out!) I thought I’d share my own contained build, which uses all 41 pieces of the Genesis kit.  This is Enemy, beefed up and ready to show why his function is Dictator.

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It sounds like there’ll be another drop at the end of the year, and proper retro-relative colourways coming out in 2014.  I’m looking forward to it!

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NYCC Interviews – Day 3

NYCC 2013 - Day 3 Interviews
08 – Livio Ramondelli – Transformers Autocracy/Monstrosity
09 – Nemo’s Workshop and Kranix Dyeworks
10 – Chris Negri and Victor Durango – Bah’glenn Creations and Cassette Man Studios
11 – Peter Kato –
12 – “Toy Guru” Scott Nietlich – MattyCollector
13 – Bisma Ansari – Megabloks

NYCC Interviews – Day 2

NYCC 2013 - Day 2 Interviews
04 – Nistuff –
05 – “Cornboy” Eric Mayse – Four Horsement Design
06 – Philip J Reed – and Transforming Collections
07 – Brandon Barker – Warlords of Wor – Man Or Monster Studios

NYCC Interviews – Day 1

NYCC 2013 - Day 1 Interviews
01 – Bluefin Tamashii Nations
02 – / Spaced Out Design / Truecast Studio
03 – Bandai of America

Vangelus Review 140-D – Glyos (Crayboth)

crayboth01 crayboth02 crayboth03 crayboth04
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Vangelus Review 140-C – Glyos (Gobons)

glyosC01 glyosC02 glyosC03 glyosC04
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Vangelus Review 140-A – Glyos (Travellers, Phase Arms, Axis Joints)

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It took way too long to get this video out.  I’d written all of it almost 2 months ago, but between school/travel/other projects I just hadn’t been able to get it finished in a timely way.  D:

The other Glyos videos aren’t immediately coming next, they’ll just be appended to the 140 series as they’re done.  One’s already 1/3 complete!…so…just over a month away?  Argh

Glyos Build: SSD Varidoc Suit Mk1 (iPhone shots)

I have so many Glyos builds to photograph.  ;_;  I just got my stuff from the Stealth Dimension drop, and spent all evening cutting vinyl and slapping this thing together.  It transforms!  I need to buy one more clear vinyl conversion set so I can give it symmetrical hands.

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Vlog – Herculean Glyosetic Updates – March 5 and February 21 2012

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