Monthly Archives: May 2012

WTF Primetime – 34 – Triage – May 23

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Join Vangelus, Aaron, and Gogdog for another dose of Transformers Prime season 2 discussion, or you might find yourself engaged in a Triage.

WTF @ TFW – 200 – May 17 2012

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Ladies and gentlemen, our 200th episode! Join Vangelus, Aaron, and Omegus Prime for Transformers talk of a discussionary vein, featuring a nefarious new cheapening of our very hobby!

V-Build 08 – Kabaya Star Saber

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It didn’t go perfectly (or even amazingly) but I am really feeling into doing V-Builds like this again.  When I filmed it, I was going to cut between both cameras, and so I wasn’t considering the placement of things in the HD shot.  😦  I prefer the look of the edit on this one, so next time I’m going to take better care to keep things in more visible places, hopefully.

WTF Primetime – 33 – Triangulation – May 15 2012

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 Tune in to a triangular conversation about Triangulation with Vangelus, Aaron, and GogDog as your resident vertices.

WTF @ TFW – 199 – May 11 2012

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For one last triple-digit time with a one in front, Vangelus is joined by GogDog and Seth Buzzard for some RC-enhanced Transformers talk that is fueled by hard work and courage.

WTF @ TFW – Supplemental 36 – STEAK! – May 6 2012

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It’s time for some steakhouse post-game as Vangelus and Aaron have one final showdown, and GogDog watches on in abject horror.

WTF Primetime – 32 – Flunnel Mision – May 6 2012

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Back into the post-Botcon groove, Vangelus is joined by GogDog and Aaron for yet another portmanteau double feature that covers Flying Mind and Tunnel Vision.

WTF @ TFW – 198 – May 4 2012

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Returned and embiggened by their time at Botcon 2012, Vangelus and Aaron reunite with Omegus Prime to quickly chat about Transformers and things.

WTF @ TFW @ Botcon 2012

We podcasted up a storm at Botcon 2012!  Click any of the titles below to hit up the episodes!

01 – Wednesday April 25
Everything begins without Vangelus! Special guest appearances by umm hey

02 – WTF @ TFW – 197 – April 26 2012
On Thursday night (more like Friday morning), after a long game of Cards Against Humanity, Vangelus and Gogdog and Seth Buzzard and Aaron and Quinjester and MiraiBaby and Silvershot and Cooksux record into a Zoom H4n.

03 – Preorder66 Ruined It for the Children – Friday April 27
Warning – Explicit Content – Thanks The_Empir3
Vangelus roams the TFW Meetup to do some guerilla podcasting! And then it all falls apart.

04 – Saturday April 28
Day 1 of the Botcon 2012 Weekend is revisited shortly before the Hall of Fame event, as Vangelus is joined by Aaron, Gogdog, Seth Buzzard, Quinjester, Alphie, TheReigner, and CookSux.

05 – Sunday April 29
Botcon 2012 has ended, and Vangelus wants to know what Gogdog, Aaron, and Seth Buzzard think! And hey, guess what? Silvershot, CookSux, Quinjester, and Derrick J Wyatt want to get in on that too.

06 – Garry Chalkin’
Shortly before he took his leave of Botcon 2012, the perennial superboss Garry Chalk sat down for WTF@TFW’s very first show-floor interview.

07 – Falling With Tieger
Less than 20 minutes before his final Fall of Cybertron demo presentation of the day, Matt Tieger joined WTF@TFW for their final show floor interview to discuss the space t-rex and the space t-rex and more!