Art, Experiments, and Other Things

The rest of my Youtube miscellanea~

The Comparison: Coca-Cola Zero Sugar: GERMANY VS CANADA

My TFW2005 Staff Pick Best Official Transformer of 2016 (Read by Werner Transfherzog)

WTF@TFW – Supplemental 50 – The Big Popeyes Hupla – Nov 8 2016

Combiner Wars Combination Supercut – Volume 1

Let’s Play Transformers Ultimate Pop-Up Universe Part 5 FINALE

FRESH TOY REVIEW Hot Toys “Soggy” Hamhocks McHanson

5 Things…Not To Do At A Job Interview



CapturedPrey’s Quake Wave Charity Raffle

Teletraan3 Collab Review – KalelPrime, Dyansis, CobraCommanderTFW

My Sunday Afternoon – March 22 2009

It’s Jimmy! – Teaser 1

The Hi Price of the Final Def

The Milk Daddy: War Stories – Teaser 01

Train of Thought – subject: Shinsektor

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