The Hi Price of the Final Def

Part 1

The days of DV are dwindling. An old face has risen from the shadows. What price will Internet Personality Vangelus pay to enter the realm of Hi Def?

Part 2

Internet Personality Vangelus and The Subtitles have been tenuous but loyal associates since the first birthing wails of the internet. But can that bond save them from true catastrophe?

Part 3

The final climax of miniDV arrives. Who will live? Who will die? And who…is safe?
Featuring these two youtubers:


Youtube (Part 1)
Youtube (Part 2)
Youtube (Part 3)

  1. Hey Vangelus:

    It seems that your SR 10 is a bit bummed at you…!

    That was outstanding fun – I piss my adult diaper everytime I watch your stuff, and they aren’t cheap!!!

    Great story, creative SFX, camera wrangling and editing! I hope your product fan/followers really appreciate the massive volume of work that you create for their entertainment and the skill, time and imagination involved in the process.

    This is exactly why I BEG you to be my DP for our big project late this summer, (big IF) mine gets picked. Can’t wait to read your short. If you inject as much humour into it as you do with these reviews, I can easily see you pulling off a succesful and hilarious 35 minute short!!! I am only looking for 8 min. because I am not greedy and shooting on several remote locations is probably going to be a steep bill.

    See you Monday

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