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WTF Primetime – 18 – Too Much Stronger, Too Much Faster – September 20 2011

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Tune in for another double-serving of Primetime as Vangelus, Aaron, Gogdog, and Omegus discuss the effects of synthetic energon as well as a listener question! Hopefully!

Glyos Build – Gendrone AutoCentaur and Wreckerbot

I’ve tweaked the previous AutoCentaur build and am fairly happy with it now.  Still operating under my strange pathelogical need to use contained parts sets, the Wreckerbot came about from all the leftover bits, with a Warp Gear added on for character.

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Vaudiosonic 05 – Robovention XLR – June 4 2011

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Glyos Build – Volkriun Axis-Booster Neo Sincroid

I found the Neo Sincroid Aleero build a little disappointing, so I decided to see what could be done by fusing a Glyan with two Axis Joint sets and not leaving any parts behind.

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WTF @ TFW – 165 – September 15 2011

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Hunan V and his boys G-Dog and Setty B sit down to diss down the chit chat on the National Toy Hall of Fame, unused Action Masters, and more hot fresh Transformers stir fry!

Vangelus Review 134 – Robot Damashii GN-Archer

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Bound for Toronto, Bound for NYCC, Bound for Press

I will be moving to Toronto for a while on September 28th, in an excitingly uncertain and risky situation that I could probably better describe in a devoted blog post someday in the future.

As a result, I will be making it to the now Greyhound-able New York Comic Con!  I’m really excited since it may well be the biggest convention I’ve attended to date.

Adding to that excitement is the fact that I have been approved for my first-ever press badge.  I recently acquired a Zoom H4n audio recorder for the purposes of upping my audio quality in videos that aren’t toy reviews and streamlining my mobile audio recording set-up, which means I am going to try and put together some coverage of the NYCC that will hopefully not be as amateurly-made as my usual fare.  I intend to make good on the press badge and try to at least give some worthy coverage of the independent toy company exhibitors who have, in particular, drawn my attention to the show.  This perhaps means the NYCC will be a bit more work than play on my end, but I’m still really pumped.  😀  Hoping to record several Vaudiosonic podcasts, as well as a vlog and a couple of interviews.

So if you’re going to the show, I hope to see you there!  Right now I suspect I will do a lot of loitering around any booth related to Glyos.  Also, I got a ticket to see Jay & Silent Bob Get Old at the show, so live podcast audiencing times lie ahead!

Vaudiosonic – 04 – Toyetic Videodrome

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Vangelus and Peaugh have a chat about the good ol’ days of $1 Animated Voyagers on ebay, getting into video reviewing, and more as they sit down in a hotel room at Botcon 2011.

WTF @ TFW – 164 – September 8 2011

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Opening with two shots of unexpectedly fulfilling discussion and nostalgia, Vangelus, Aaron, and Omegus even out another week of Transformers talk and acquisitions accrued.

WTF @ TFW – Soundwaves – 01

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Gogdog and Seth Buzzard bring you the first installment of their WTF Hotline production: Soundwaves! Are you adopted? Tune in and find out.

Big thanks to Gog and Seth for basically doing all the work on this!  All I had to do was plug it into a Garageband project and have a listen, and it was a fun time that made me laugh.  And clap.  I did clap once.