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Double-Featured during Battlegrip’s Glyos Week!

First and foremost, be sure to check out the full listing of Battlegrip’s Glyos Week if you have any interest whatsoever in this stuff!

Anyway, many thanks to Phil Reed for doing a couple posts that linked back here!

Spotted Online – Vangelus’ Callgrim Custom Corps Photos
Spotted Online – Vangelus’ Glyosian AutoCentaur

He is a very cool guy, I met him at PAX and he totally was able to bounce giant Cthulu dice like basketballs.  And he’s partly responsible for the Wing variation on the Glyos Rig!

Glyos Build – Glyanaut Rocket

Based on Matt Doughty’s build, I added some astronautical propulsion…

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Vangelus Review 133-X – Overlorded Outtakes

Things can always go wrong, even when you’re filming $400+ toys.

I’ve also added this to the Overlord review page!  Many thanks again to Jarod, and many more approving nods to Aaron and Peaugh.

HJU Radio #26 – The End of Kamen Rider OOO

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And then click here to hit up the discussion thread!

FYI, this is hell of a long.  I believe the OOO Finale discussion begins at the 2hr 14min mark!

Vangelus Review 133 – Transformers G1 Overlord

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This is the other review I shot at TFcon 2011.  Many thanks to Jarodimus!  And approving nods to Aaron and Peaugh.

Glyos Build – AutoCentaur Prototype

This was my first full-on Glyos build, using most of what I got in my first box of parts.  He actually transforms!  I hope to improve it in future, maybe grab a set of parts and do up a full-on custom based on it.  More pics (including the transformation) after the cut!

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WTF @ TFW – 163 – September 2 2011

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Convening for over 10 cubits of discussion, Vangelus, Gogdog, and Seth Buzzard run amuck in the cutest way they can. 10 furlongs cute…

Callgrim Custom Corp 1 – My Pulls

My haul from Jesse Moore’s Callgrim Custom Corp 1 release finally arrived!  Time for photography…

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WTF @ TFW – 162 – August 25 2011

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Recording on Vangelus’s birthday, Aaron and Omegus are subject to a dichotomous sacrifice before discussions of Leadfeet, 3D, and a tantalizing Dropcloth.

WTF @ TFW – 161 – August 18 2011

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In the final recording before Vangelus returns to his island, he joins Gogdog and Seth Buzzard for some Prime Style discussion alongside a very special guest from a very special continent and a very special website called–EIDO11–*