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TFcon 2017 Interview – Mecha Zone’s David White

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As the sun sets on TFcon Sunday, Mecha Zone’s David White sits down to chat with Vangelus and Aaron of WTF@TFW.


Vangelus Review 390 – Mecha Zone Mechanaut Explorer

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Vangelus Review 317 – Mecha Zone Bag-O-Bots (Dec 2014 Edition)

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mechazone-bagobots-02 mechazone-bagobots-03 mechazone-bagobots-04 mechazone-bagobots-05 mechazone-bagobots-06 mechazone-bagobots-07 mechazone-bagobots-08 mechazone-bagobots-09 mechazone-bagobots-10 mechazone-bagobots-11

Vangelus Review 251 – Mecha Zone Mechanaut V2 Soldier

mechazone-mechanaut-v2-soldier-01 mechazone-mechanaut-v2-soldier-02 mechazone-mechanaut-v2-soldier-03 mechazone-mechanaut-v2-soldier-04 mechazone-mechanaut-v2-soldier-05 mechazone-mechanaut-v2-soldier-06 mechazone-mechanaut-v2-soldier-07 mechazone-mechanaut-v2-soldier-08 mechazone-mechanaut-v2-soldier-09 mechazone-mechanaut-v2-soldier-10
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Vlog – Tenkai Tattletale – Sept 11 2014

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Vangelus Review 241 – Mecha Zone Predanaut

predanaut-01 predanaut-02 predanaut-03 predanaut-04 predanaut-05 predanaut-06 predanaut-07 predanaut-08 predanaut-09 predanaut-10
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The Predanaut can be preordered at:

Mecha Zone’s 3D-Printed 6″ Action Figures

Mechanaut Logo Promo Predanaut Logo Promo

So the other day, I was on Facebook and saw some pictures being shared of David White’s Mecha Zone work.  My first reaction was that this stuff looks cool, and since I saw the term bouncing around, I assumed he used 3D printing to prototype these pieces.

Mechanaut Soldier Turnaround Predanaut Turnaround

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