Monthly Archives: September 2019

WTF @ TFW – 570 – August 23 2019

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Vangelus was in Germany! With timely supplementals to work on! And now he’s back, so re-live the summer’s end as Aaron and TJ join him to look at Unicron’s progress and Fan Expo’s reveals.


The Comparison: Coca-Cola Zero Sugar: GERMANY VS CANADA

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WTF @ TFW – Supplemental 59 – Five Minutes with Hasbro at Fan Expo 2019 – Aug 23 2019

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Shortly after discovering the presence of Hasbro’s Ran Sun and John Warden at Fan Expo 2019, WTF@TFW’s own Chris Vangelus managed to sneak himself a phantom five-minute interview in between scheduled blocks, and asked the most important question of all.

WTF @ TCG – TryptiGencon (w Drew Nolosco) – August 15 2019

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In a post-Gencon haze, we join WotC’s Drew Nolosco to talk about that aforementioned Gencon, as well as the upcoming Siege II goodies that are cresting the Tryptorizon.