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V-Chat – Face Off

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Basically, I kind of accidentally got a role in a student film at Trebas, and it involved having liquid latex all over my face.  Wanted to make the most of its removal.

V-Chat – Ides of Guelph

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…where I can’t get the video to embed, because there’s a % in the code and that makes WordPress unable to properly function with it.  >.<  I miss when Blip and WordPress just like, worked together.

Follow one of the “External Comment Pages” links to see the video.  And if you can get it to embed on a WordPress site, please copypaste me the code!

Many thanks to my Directing workshop classmates for letting me film this after we were done on Friday!

V-Chat – deMAGnetized

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The links on the bottom will go to the Blip and TGWTG pages.  For some reason I cannot get Blip to successfully embed here anymore!  >.<  It processes the code, but nothing shows up on the actual wordpress page.

V-Chat 07 – Show Them

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The final V-Chat (and video!) of 2011 from!  Many thanks to Darryl LeCraw and Dylan Newstead of Foxhound Digital and SkitForBrains for acting and filming assistance in the opening part of this video!

V-Chat – Programming Lapse

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Just before the end of June, I have managed to get the June V-Chat out, haha.  It’s a quick update for the TGWTG viewing audience, shot it the night before I saw Dark of the Moon.