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V-Chat 07 – Show Them

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The final V-Chat (and video!) of 2011 from!  Many thanks to Darryl LeCraw and Dylan Newstead of Foxhound Digital and SkitForBrains for acting and filming assistance in the opening part of this video!

Vlog – Back in Vlogocity – May 15 to June 27 2011

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So glad to finally have this footage used and out of the WIP vortex.

Hostage Diner – Plea For Your Help and more

Plea for Your Help – Improvised Promo Piece

Main Hostage Diner Page

This is a local film endeavour I learned about through SkitForBrains.  Plea for Your Help is a fun improvised promo video I got to take part in, but click around to find links to the film’s homepage and Kickstarter fundraising page!  I hope they can pull it off, they were fun folks to work with.

Skit For Brains – Crappy Tree Eats Mike Again

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In fact, check out the entire Skit For Brains listing, since it’s all up to date.

SkitForBrains – Confidence Fluffer

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Also, I started poking at the Collabs and Cameos video section in making the page for this vid.  Set up the skeletons for SkitForBrains and PawDugan~