Hostage Diner – Plea for Your Help

Mock news feature with Chris Ho as the Interviewer, Christopher (Jonathon Ellis), Officer Hanson (Rob Jennings), Sebastian (Peter Weir), Burgandy (Thomas Miller), Red (Trevor Lerner), Hughe (Allan Agopsowicz), Tom Benjamin (Producer’s Husband) Beverley Dondale (Producer)
Improv news reel asking for pledges.


So I went to help out the SkitForBrains folks with some assistance they were providing to Hostage Diner’s production, and ended up filling in as the interviewer/news anchor in this promo piece for the film’s Kickstarter page.  The whole thing was improvised, and cut together by monsieur Darryl LeCraw.  Dylan Newstead on camera and Patrick O’Keefe on sound!

Youtube (Alternate Cut)

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