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WTF @ TCG – Blasting Omnibotic Soundwaves (w Drew Nolosco) – July 9 2019

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Right before we all started heading to conventions, Drew Nolosco joined us to talk about the second stage of quashing the infinite combo deck, incoming Omnibots, and upcoming mini-cassettes. Featuring a guest appearance by…?


WTF @ TCG – Origins 2019 Debrief – June 16 2019

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Recorded as soon as Aaron got home from Origins, and then delayed in editing for like 2 weeks for reasons, enjoy a debrief on the first Organized Play tournament that was unaware of anybody’s actual deck lists!

WTF@TCG – An Organized Podcast About Organized Play (w Drew Nolosco) – June 5 2019

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On the occasion of TF TCG’s Organized Play launch, Drew Nolosco stops by to hear Vangelus gush about the Canadian catch-up product launch and Aaron prepare to do battle at Origins.

WTF @ TCG – WotC Listener Questionarium – Jan 30 2019

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We’ve got Drew Nolosco and John Schork sat down in a room to answer YOUR questions! As asked in our specifically-labelled listener questions thread. Learn about Grimlock recursion, John’s sushi philosophy, and parasitism.

WTF @ TCG – Metroplexing with Drew Nolosco – November 1 2018

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WotC’s Drew Nolosco returns to catch up with Aaron and Vangelus post-release, post-TFcon, and pre-Metroplex.

WTF @ TCG – WotC’s Drew Nolosco – September 12 2018

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Aaron and Vangelus virtually sit down with WotC’s Drew Nolosco to chat about the imminently upcoming Transformers TCG. Does one of Canada’s two leading TFTCG players make a very subtle case for Omega Spreem’s inclusion in the game? Tune in, and find out.