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WTF @ TFW – 275 – October 22 2013

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It’s a post-NYCC decompression for Vangelus and a Masterpiece Datsun for Seth Buzzard in this installment of TFW2005-erupted Transformers discussion.

V-Build 43 – Tenkai Knights Mini-Figures – Oct 5 2013

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V-Build 42 – Transformers AM-27 Ultra Magnus and M-32 Ulma – Oct 5 2013

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V-Build 41 – Transformers AM-28 Leo Prime and M-33 L.P. – Oct 5 2013

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V-Build 40 – Reprolabels P2 Set (Wheeljack Parts)

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Robo Force 2013: Enemy Maximus

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In light of Robo Force’s return (and 3-minute sell-out!) I thought I’d share my own contained build, which uses all 41 pieces of the Genesis kit.  This is Enemy, beefed up and ready to show why his function is Dictator.

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It sounds like there’ll be another drop at the end of the year, and proper retro-relative colourways coming out in 2014.  I’m looking forward to it!

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WTF @ TFW – 274 – October 18 2013

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Freshly returned from New York Comic Con, Vangelus is beefily received by Aaron and Omegus to talk Transformers and Trans4mers.  Garnished with topics like blunderbusses, chinese shoe-zombies, and the educated throwdown between Lego and Tenkai Knights.

Vangelus Review 195-A – MMC R-03 Bovis (Feral Rex)

bovis01 bovis02 bovis03 bovis04 bovis05 bovis06 bovis07
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NYCC Interviews – Day 3

NYCC 2013 - Day 3 Interviews
08 – Livio Ramondelli – Transformers Autocracy/Monstrosity
09 – Nemo’s Workshop and Kranix Dyeworks
10 – Chris Negri and Victor Durango – Bah’glenn Creations and Cassette Man Studios
11 – Peter Kato –
12 – “Toy Guru” Scott Nietlich – MattyCollector
13 – Bisma Ansari – Megabloks

NYCC Interviews – Day 2

NYCC 2013 - Day 2 Interviews
04 – Nistuff –
05 – “Cornboy” Eric Mayse – Four Horsement Design
06 – Philip J Reed – and Transforming Collections
07 – Brandon Barker – Warlords of Wor – Man Or Monster Studios