Monthly Archives: December 2012

WTF @ TFW – Supplemental 40 – – Dec 27 2012

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Join the tres fantastico artist Emiliano Santalucia for a chat about his work on Transformers past and present, and a spettacolo di varietà of other topics!


WTF @ TFW – 231 – December 21 2012

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Arms Micron Charts show a path through the Vangelus gateway, leading on to the Gogdog nebula, and taking us on a german journey into the Seth Buzzard solar system.

WTF @ TFW – 230 – December 15 2012

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More light-up features, more Emiliano Santalucia, more calculus, more Genesis, more more more! Vangelus and Aaron and Omegus will try to bring you more.

WTF @ TFW – 229 – December 7 2012

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Brought to you by the fine folks of Nagoya, another WTF recording episode arrives with Vangelus, Gogdog, and Seth Buzzard here to talk about wonderful happy things. That would’ve happened if it weren’t for Aaron. Thanks Aaron. Thanks.

Vangelus Review 152-R – MMC KM-06 Stormer

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WTF @ TFW – 228 – November 29 2012

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Hot dog!  Learn about Being Cool, Black Blood, and Green Vs Yellow in this week’s Transformers informational recording session.