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V-Chat – Programming Lapse

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Just before the end of June, I have managed to get the June V-Chat out, haha.  It’s a quick update for the TGWTG viewing audience, shot it the night before I saw Dark of the Moon.

Some thoughts after my first viewing of Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Thanks to the kind Canadians, I got in on a press advance screening of Dark of the Moon for free!  Full 3D and whatnot.  What follows are my initial thoughts, primarily spoilerless but still behind a cut.

I do want to mention though: This is not what I would call my comprehensive review.  I still have plenty of additional thoughts to come up with about DOTM, both in recording a vlog about the film and participating in one or two podcast roundtables through WTF@TFW.

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Vangelus Review 127 – Master Shooter Mega-Gun and Brown-King

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WTF Primetime – 14 – Operation Breakdown – June 22 2011

Vaguely Botcon-relevant Primetime awaits!

Skit For Brains – Crappy Tree Eats Mike Again

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In fact, check out the entire Skit For Brains listing, since it’s all up to date.

June 2011 Media To-Do list~

  • WTF@TFW regular and Primetime recordings
  • Vaudiosonic 02 and 03 editing
  • Master Shooter Mega-Gun and Brown King video
  • Fansproject Crystal Protector video
  • Deforide Ryuki, SoC Tobikage&Kurojishi, Revoltech Dancougar, Figuarts Rider 2 (The First ver), Robot Damashii GN Archer videos for HLJ
  • Botcon 2011 videos
  • June V-Chat and D-Arts Rockman X for TGWTG

Probably won’t all get done, but we’ll see~


WTF @ TFW – 152 – June 17 2011

Heralding a new age of humanity, Vangelus, Aaron, and Omegus talk some more post-Botcon haulage and other topics of hardcore note.

Count how many times Vangelus hits that stupid spinning gimmick and win a no-prize!

I need to figure out how to make pages for these podcasts on here.  An embedded player would be nice but I have no idea how to make one.

SkitForBrains – Confidence Fluffer

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Also, I started poking at the Collabs and Cameos video section in making the page for this vid.  Set up the skeletons for SkitForBrains and PawDugan~

Vangelus Review 126 – PerfectEffect Scouting Force X

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Filmed this video riiight before I went to Botcon 2011…and didn’t get to edit it until afterwards.

WTF @ TFW @ Botcon 2011 Podcast Collection

Whew!  The illness I caught at Botcon is wearing off, so here are all the audio recordings I did over there as WTF@TFW releases.  Two Vaudiosonics are still to come!

WTF @ Botcon 2011 – 01 – June 1 2011
WTF @ Botcon 2011 – 02 – WTF @ TFW – 150 – May 26 2011
WTF @ Botcon 2011 – 03 – June 3 2011
WTF @ Botcon 2011 – 04 – Berger and Eiding’s Stylings – June 4 2011
WTF @ Botcon 2011 – 05 – June 5 2011

And also check out the newest episode for a lot of post-Botcon debrief as well!

WTF @ TFW – Episode 151