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WTF @ TFW – 436 – December 2 2016

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New Pokemon games and disappointing Indiana toy hunts are not the only topics in this December podcast kick-off!

WTF @ TFW – Supplemental 51 – RIPTalk – Nov 29 2016

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Vangelus sits down on the internet with RIPT Apparel’s Paul Friemel to talk about comic book covers and the art of screen printing.

WTF @ TFW – Supplemental 50 – The Big Popeyes Hupla – Nov 8 2016

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Escalation is at hand.

WTF @ TFW – 435 – November 26 2016

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American Thanksgiving and Black Friday are now behind Vangelus and Seth Buzzard, so what lies ahead?

WTF @ TFcon Chicago 2016 Podcast Trilogy


01 – Friday Night Podcast Roundtable

Vangelus and Aaron join Transmissions, Podcast Maximus, and a slew of unexpected secret guests for some pre-show podcast evening adventure.

02 – Interview with ThreeA’s Gregory Prout

ThreeA’s Gregory Prout joins Vangelus to talk about licensed third party Transformers, articulated hands, and the production of toys.

03 – Sunday Afternoon Podcast Roundtable

TFcon Chicago 2016 ends with another podcast roundtable, once again featuring Transmissions, WTF@TFW, and Podcast Maximus, and adding the vocal talents of Shatteredcast Uncut and’s /Peaugh!

WTF @ TFW – 434 – November 18 2016

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Vangelus, Aaron, and TJ dig into one of the great Transformers debates of November 2016, when they haven’t got springloaded cars or SR-71’s on their minds.

WTF @ TFW – 433 – November 13 2016

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Sunday Seth and Vweekend Vangelus talk about 6-inch Hasbro action figures, Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots, and crows. Special cameo appearance by: The Transformers!

WTF @ TFW – 432 – November 6 2016

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In the debrief period of Extra Life 2016’s Game Day, an exhausted Vangelus joins a peppy Aaron and enthusiastic TJ Omega to get back to the business of The Transformers.

WTF @ TFW – Supplemental 49 – Unrustable Bastalk with Sid Beckett – Nov 3 2016

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Sid Beckett stops by for a chat about the Unrustable Bastards and more!

WTF @ TFW – 431 – October 27 2016

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Seth and Vangelus debrief some TFcon weekend news drops, comb through a billion slides, and get a little squiggy.