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Glyos Build – Obliterator Argen Xtreme

I missed out on the silver Argen X from the recent Glyos drop, and that bummed me out. So the glow-in-the-dark version became my vengeance build!







This fully-contained build is 1 Argen X Buildman, 1 Axis Joint set, 2 Swing Joint sets, and 2 Phase Arm/Gobon Blaster sets.

He has a modular obliteration array on his back, which doubles as an interplanetary jetpack!

Robo Force 2013: Enemy Maximus

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In light of Robo Force’s return (and 3-minute sell-out!) I thought I’d share my own contained build, which uses all 41 pieces of the Genesis kit.  This is Enemy, beefed up and ready to show why his function is Dictator.

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It sounds like there’ll be another drop at the end of the year, and proper retro-relative colourways coming out in 2014.  I’m looking forward to it!

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Outlandishly Outlandered


I took some iPad shots of a few more Outlander builds! Read the rest of this entry

Fall of Cybertron Air Raid is far too fun





Masterpiece Soundwave Papercraft Edit #1

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I had a go at adding the two display screens from the back of MP-13 Soundwave’s instruction booklet onto the Energon Cube papercraft PDF that TakaraTomy provided the other week. It’s not perfect, but this will give you a pink cube and both display screens.

Click here to download it:

Mastermind Creations Cyclops – Coverage on the way

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I just got ahold of this big boat dude, and am working on the coverage now!

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Glyos Build: SSD Varidoc Suit Mk1 (iPhone shots)

I have so many Glyos builds to photograph.  ;_;  I just got my stuff from the Stealth Dimension drop, and spent all evening cutting vinyl and slapping this thing together.  It transforms!  I need to buy one more clear vinyl conversion set so I can give it symmetrical hands.

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So I went a bit nuts with the japanese First Edition Vehicons, worrying I may not see them domestically for a while.  Little did I know!

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Glyos Builds – White Skull Axis Exellis and Science Glyan

The Big Rig isn’t the only weapon the White Skull crew have at their disposal…

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The Boss

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