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Madblendin’ Across the Universe

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Some of my Ni Stuff

The man who got me into Glyos also makes some f’n cool stuff himself, and I just realized I have a bunch of it now!

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Callgrim – Riac and the Howler Warp Bike

I’m so surprised this is still available on the Callgrim Shop at the time of this posting.  D:

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Herculean Financial Responsibility!

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Within the next month, the other four will be bought and received.


Glyos Build Preview: Desert Hunter Glyoroid

I made this transforming build instead of sleeping for a few hours on the morning of October 24, right before my first day of class at Trebas.  The bummer about this build is that aside from using 2 Glyans, 4 Axis Joint Sets, and 4 Phase Arm/Gobon Blaster sets….it uses an additional 2 inner Glyan pins, meaning you need 4 Glyans and end up with a giant pile of unused components.

Glyos – All of the Glyans

What does a man do when he has all of the Glyans?

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Glyos Build – Gendrone AutoCentaur and Wreckerbot

I’ve tweaked the previous AutoCentaur build and am fairly happy with it now.  Still operating under my strange pathelogical need to use contained parts sets, the Wreckerbot came about from all the leftover bits, with a Warp Gear added on for character.

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Glyos Build – Volkriun Axis-Booster Neo Sincroid

I found the Neo Sincroid Aleero build a little disappointing, so I decided to see what could be done by fusing a Glyan with two Axis Joint sets and not leaving any parts behind.

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Glyos Build – Glyanaut Rocket

Based on Matt Doughty’s build, I added some astronautical propulsion…

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Glyos Build – AutoCentaur Prototype

This was my first full-on Glyos build, using most of what I got in my first box of parts.  He actually transforms!  I hope to improve it in future, maybe grab a set of parts and do up a full-on custom based on it.  More pics (including the transformation) after the cut!

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