Glyos Build – Gendrone AutoCentaur and Wreckerbot

I’ve tweaked the previous AutoCentaur build and am fairly happy with it now.  Still operating under my strange pathelogical need to use contained parts sets, the Wreckerbot came about from all the leftover bits, with a Warp Gear added on for character.

The full ingredient list is:

  • Two Buildman Gendrones (One of each colour)
  • Two Phase Arms
  • Two Gobon Blasters
  • One set of Wheels
  • Four Axis Joint Sets (Two of each colour)
  • One Warp Gear

The AutoCentaur still transforms, now featuring an additional connection of parts in front of the chest to resemble a steering axis or rollcage (or whatever else you think it resembles!).  As before, there’s no outright parts removal or swapping.

About vangelus

I am a geek of a robotoyetic and tokusatsu slant who likes to make video and audio about what I love.

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