Some of my Ni Stuff

The man who got me into Glyos also makes some f’n cool stuff himself, and I just realized I have a bunch of it now!

(click any image to enlarge)

Ni is a super-cool dude, check out his website, hit up his shop, and take a look at his sold-out section to see some of the cool things that have come out of his crazy Stuff factory.

About vangelus

I am a geek of a robotoyetic and tokusatsu slant who likes to make video and audio about what I love.

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  1. Thanks for pointing this guy out. I love the Ancient Astronaut design for some reason and ordered a few anomalies packs to check them out. Now that they’re in hand I ordered two more before they run out!

  2. Curse you Vangelus. I just ordered myself some Glyos after resisting for so long.

    Ni’s stuff looks too darn edible. I am weak for clear and glowing figures as it is but his paint work looks yummy.

    Shipping to the UK always sucks but I’m looking forward to them ariving.

  3. They look so awesome! especially the colorful ones. They wouldlook awesome beside my gay troll and the Tardis 😛

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