Glyos Builds – White Skull Axis Exellis and Science Glyan

The Big Rig isn’t the only weapon the White Skull crew have at their disposal…

(Click to enlarge any of the photos)

The Science Glyan is a little bit of a mixture of G1 Perceptor and Warhammer 40k’s spooky Adeptus Mechanicus dudes.

Time to use the big guns…

This guy originally used a Glyan head but never felt quite right.  I tried sticking the White Skull Exellis head onto him and it just finished things off in my eyes.  His gun is crazy goofy!

Just fix them.

About vangelus

I am a geek of a robotoyetic and tokusatsu slant who likes to make video and audio about what I love.

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  1. You should really participate on the forums over at October Toys more, Vangelus! We rarely see anything from you over there. Though you did post these builds! The Exellis has a very Monsterforge/MoralWarfare feel to the build.

  2. I recently got a load of clear and Glow in the Dark Glyos and bits. First time expiriencing them (which is squarley your fault) and yeah I can see the attraction. I almost went right back to buy some more just a few hours after opening the box and getting my head around all the little bits and interchangability. Right now I only have two crazy customized jetpacked samus blaster bobafett type guys and some Gendrones.

    I’m now waiting too see what the come up with next.

    So in short, Thanks… and all so Curse you!. I really didn’t need another toy vice.

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