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WTF @ TFW – Supplemental 38 – Talking Transforming Collections with Phil Reed – Sept 12 2012

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Vangelus is joined by‘s (and Steve Jackson Games‘s) Phil Reed to talk about his upcoming crowdsourced book about 3rd Party transforming robot toys, Transforming Collections. They also end up talking about burritos, Glyos, dusting, compressed air, paper, gold, dice manufacturing…

Double-Featured during Battlegrip’s Glyos Week!

First and foremost, be sure to check out the full listing of Battlegrip’s Glyos Week if you have any interest whatsoever in this stuff!

Anyway, many thanks to Phil Reed for doing a couple posts that linked back here!

Spotted Online – Vangelus’ Callgrim Custom Corps Photos
Spotted Online – Vangelus’ Glyosian AutoCentaur

He is a very cool guy, I met him at PAX and he totally was able to bounce giant Cthulu dice like basketballs.  And he’s partly responsible for the Wing variation on the Glyos Rig!