5 Things…Not To Do At A Job Interview

What can you do to succeed? We don’t know, but we know what you can NOT do!

Produced and crewed with my TV Production class. 3 live cameras and 1 lavalier into one tricaster! True story.

As the raw file was a single video out of the tricaster, I wasn’t able to use the in-camera raw footage to put this together. So sadly there are a few weird glitches between colouration and a few camera transitions.

The story: During a TV Production class, one of the instructors asked if we’d be able to put together a pair of “5 things not to do” sketches, one for job interviews and one for dating. I offered to write up the job interview one, though in the end I just wrote Natalie’s lines and did the rest semi-improv. It was a fun experiment that we may try again!




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