Glyos – Nistuff box and more

Nistuff is the guy who first told me about Glyos and gave me a pile of info to work with, and today I received some physical assistance from him as well!

It’s a really cool variety of stuff: Original heads by Nistuff, some sparkly paint jobs he’s done, as well as a black traveller body and a red glow-in-the-dark Callgrim deal.  Also, a locker…


Two more Nistuff heads, and a bunch of other painted/silvery/glow-in-the-dark/etc noggins.  As well as boots, because you need those to walk.  Putting all that in a locker was a great idea, gave me a good laugh when I popped it open.  😀

I also tried building a Glyos guy with the small whack of parts I ordered from Matt Doughty’s shop as an intro to the line.

Still messing with him but he is both somewhat posable and can transform without parts-removal.

About vangelus

I am a geek of a robotoyetic and tokusatsu slant who likes to make video and audio about what I love.

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  1. You’re primarily the reason why I decided to buy my first Glyos, and I hate you for it, because I’m really hungry for more.

  2. Guard Convoy

    i don’t know how i knew, but when i heard you talk about these on the podcast i just mentally knew this was what they were, and i have never heard the name before….weird, but they do look great!

  3. Oh coolness. I’ve heard about these guys from for like, a year or two ago, but haven’t taken the plunge as yet.

    Onell Design actually used to have an option to buy flawed stuff. Where they’d have a cheap grab bag of factory rejects (because there’s bubbles in the plastic or whatnot). It was a good gateway into Glyos but… I just really need articulation even in a figure I would never ever pose.

    So… you say they’re sort of posable. How posable do you mean? How effective are those Axis Joints? Are they clicky like Revoltech or are they more free form?


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