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Vangelus TGWTG Review – Transformers RTS Legends Optimus & Megatron

First new media posting since starting this WordPress deal up!

Click here for the video page!

“I fell down” was not planned.  >.>

Day 2 Update

Whew man this is a lot of grindwork, hahaha.

So far the skeleton of the site is more or less in place!  Click around to see how things will build up as I poke at making pages for vids and podcasts.

Also, all the Blip stuff is now up-to-date.  Vaudiosonic’s only current episode is all set up, as are all my reviews and V-Chats for ThatGuyWithTheGlasses.  I wanted to get those ready first for two reasons: That’s my smaller body of work, and it means I can point Youtube folks there as I’ve not been awesome at keeping ’em informed on my channel.  Always feel kind of cheesy about promoting my Blip work on there, though I know it’s really not poor cricket at the end of the day.

Gotta get tomorrow’s Blip review ready and finish filming the next Youtube vid, as well as edit + release a pair of WTF podcasts, so I might try to lay off spending hours on here for the next day or two.  He says, the naive boy~

Welcome to the new Vangelus Central

On the advice of several folks, I am going to be starting a new site here on WordPress!  For now I will still be updating my old blog, may continue updating it for the sake of not nullifying my old business cards that I handed out.

Here’s the outline of what I want to build:

  • Easy menu-style access to all of my Videos and Podcasts
  • Individual pages for each Video and Podcast Episode
  • Full tagging for each page, trying to find a balance of having enough tags to easily search posts while using the minimal amount
  • No more than one frontpage post with an embedded video if possible
  • Nothing getting lost in the shuffle

So…see you in a few years when that’s all done!  😀