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Vangelus Review 282 – Oritoy Acid Rain Sol Commander

Click to proceed to the video page!acidrain-solcommander-02 acidrain-solcommander-03 acidrain-solcommander-04 acidrain-solcommander-05 acidrain-solcommander-06 acidrain-solcommander-07 acidrain-solcommander-08

SKRonex and Ori Toy – Acid Rain

I got this link from tas262 on Twitter about a cool line-up that Robot Kingdom says they will be getting ahold of.  These things are apparently ABS/PVC, done in a highly limited run with tons of paint apps, and scaled to GI Joes.  Unless they’re balls-crazy expensive I think they’re right up my alley.  D:  Hopefully I don’t miss them coming out, whenver they do!

Here’s the SKRonex page about these figures!

This is also me trying to do more blogging that doesn’t involve “hey look new video and/or podcast is up”.  >.>;