Vangelus Review 295-B – Combiner Wars Deluxe Blades (Transformers Generations)

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combinerwars-blades-02 combinerwars-blades-03 combinerwars-blades-04 combinerwars-blades-05 combinerwars-blades-06 combinerwars-blades-07 combinerwars-blades-08 combinerwars-blades-09 combinerwars-blades-10 combinerwars-blades-11

Vlog – Horrific Lego Family Time – October 10 2015

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WTF @ TFW – 377 – October 9 2015

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It’s time for Vangelus and Seth Buzzard to tackle through the Titanic reveals of NYCC 2015. Bear with them as they occasionally pause to catch their breath.

WTF @ TFW – 376 – October 5 2015

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Let’s kick off with around 5 minutes of sealed-envelope silhouette speculation before Vangelus, Aaron, and TJ talk Transformers about 72 hours before we all found out about Titans Return.

Vangelus Review 296-B – Gravity Builder Mixing Truck by Generation Toy

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gravitybuilder-mixingtruck-02 gravitybuilder-mixingtruck-03 gravitybuilder-mixingtruck-04 gravitybuilder-mixingtruck-05 gravitybuilder-mixingtruck-06 gravitybuilder-mixingtruck-07 gravitybuilder-mixingtruck-08 gravitybuilder-mixingtruck-09 gravitybuilder-mixingtruck-10 gravitybuilder-mixingtruck-11 gravitybuilder-mixingtruck-12 gravitybuilder-mixingtruck-13 gravitybuilder-mixingtruck-14 gravitybuilder-mixingtruck-15

Vangelus Review 296-A – Gravity Builder Scraper by Generation Toy

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gravitybuilder-scraper-02 gravitybuilder-scraper-03 gravitybuilder-scraper-04 gravitybuilder-scraper-05 gravitybuilder-scraper-06 gravitybuilder-scraper-07 gravitybuilder-scraper-08 gravitybuilder-scraper-09 gravitybuilder-scraper-10 gravitybuilder-scraper-11

Vlog – Lego Blindbag Monstrosities – October 3 2015

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Vangelus Review 295-A – Combiner Wars Voyager Hot Spot (Transformers Generations)

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WTF @ TFW – 375 – September 22 2015

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Go back in time and tattoo a message underneath your past self’s incubating stubble with Vangelus and Seth Buzzard!

WTF @ TFW – 374 – September 18 2015

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Hazmat suits are aplenty as Aaron and TJ speak with a quarantined phlegmlord Vangelus about Transformers and the dark secret shared between podcasters.


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