Vangelus Review 321 – Ocular Max RMX-01 Jaguar

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ocularmax-rmx-jaguar-02 ocularmax-rmx-jaguar-03 ocularmax-rmx-jaguar-04 ocularmax-rmx-jaguar-05 ocularmax-rmx-jaguar-06 ocularmax-rmx-jaguar-07 ocularmax-rmx-jaguar-08 ocularmax-rmx-jaguar-09 ocularmax-rmx-jaguar-10 ocularmax-rmx-jaguar-11 ocularmax-rmx-jaguar-12

WTF @ TFW – 393 – February 4 2016

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Vangelus and Seth go through one thousand deaths of masterpiece monkeys and spooky corporate mergers.

Vangelus Review 320-A – Combiner Wars Legends Shockwave (Transformers Generations)

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Vangelus Review 295-F – Combiner Wars Legends Groove (Transformers Generations)

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combinerwars-groove-02 combinerwars-groove-03 combinerwars-groove-04 combinerwars-groove-05 combinerwars-groove-06 combinerwars-groove-07 combinerwars-groove-08 combinerwars-groove-09 combinerwars-groove-10

V-Build 87 – Tightening Joints with Floor Polish

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Vangelus Review 319 – ThreeA Metal Gear Rex (Half Size Edition)

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3a-halfsizeRex-02 3a-halfsizeRex-03 3a-halfsizeRex-04 3a-halfsizeRex-05 3a-halfsizeRex-06 3a-halfsizeRex-07 3a-halfsizeRex-08 3a-halfsizeRex-10 3a-halfsizeRex-11 3a-halfsizeRex-12

WTF @ TFW – 392 – January 29 2016

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The first month of 2016 on WTF@TFW closes out with some pre-picked pic picks and the continuing hard decision of whether or not to intermission.

Vangelus Review 318 – Fansproject TFX-05 Parallax Add-On for Classics Optimus Prime

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fp-parallaxupgrade-classicsOP-02 fp-parallaxupgrade-classicsOP-03 fp-parallaxupgrade-classicsOP-04 fp-parallaxupgrade-classicsOP-05 fp-parallaxupgrade-classicsOP-06 fp-parallaxupgrade-classicsOP-07 fp-parallaxupgrade-classicsOP-08 fp-parallaxupgrade-classicsOP-09 fp-parallaxupgrade-classicsOP-10 fp-parallaxupgrade-classicsOP-11 fp-parallaxupgrade-classicsOP-12 fp-parallaxupgrade-classicsOP-13 fp-parallaxupgrade-classicsOP-14

Vangelus Review 317 – Mecha Zone Bag-O-Bots (Dec 2014 Edition)

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mechazone-bagobots-02 mechazone-bagobots-03 mechazone-bagobots-04 mechazone-bagobots-05 mechazone-bagobots-06 mechazone-bagobots-07 mechazone-bagobots-08 mechazone-bagobots-09 mechazone-bagobots-10 mechazone-bagobots-11

Vlog – Turtle Soup Blind Baggin’ – Jan 26 2016

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