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Vangelus Review 144-R – TFcon 2012 Shafter

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Mastermind Creations Cyclops – Coverage on the way

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I just got ahold of this big boat dude, and am working on the coverage now!

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Vangelus Review 143 – Revoltech Sci-Fi Alien Warrior

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WTF @ TFW – 206 – June 28 2012

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Aaron likes Lego. Vangelus and Omegus help him through this hurdle in his life like a pair of true friends. Special cameo by The Transformers!

Production Matters – Sarah Fisher – May 11 2012

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We’ve done a couple of prior Production Matters episodes at Trebas, but this is the first one to be edited together. It’s been fun to practice hosting an interview through this series! Future episodes may be on the Trebas youtube page, but since I did post-editing on this one I was able to share it personally. Hope some of you find it cool!