About Vangelus

Chris Ho is a Euro-Asian gentleman who really likes to make media about topics he enjoys. His first regular web media began in September 2005 when he became a DJ on the City of Heroes-based internet radio station called The Cape Radio.  In March 2008 he began producing video content on Youtube, and in July of the same year he started heading up the WTF @ TFW podcast on TFW2005.com. From there he has branched out to doing video work on Blip.TV and ThatGuyWithTheGlasses.com, and has guest-hosted on several other podcasts including HJU Radio.

The web pseudonym “Vangelus” (sometimes Vange1us, sometimes Vangelus84) has been Chris Ho’s internet moniker since the days of beta Counterstrike gaming in his high school years. One of his friends began a clan based on the idea of allcaps nicknames beginning with a lower-case e. After that ended, eVANGELUS was shortened to Vangelus, and Chris found that aesthetically pleasing. Some years later he discovered that a musician stole and misspelled his name before travelling back in time and becoming famous.

His actual lifestyle and career path are incredibly unspectacular and disappointingly aimless, right now. Working on it!

  1. Joseph Kyle Tarvin

    Victorion is named after a robot from a video game called Brave Saga 2.

  2. Ryu/boba fett

    Sry if I skiped some words I sometimes do that Im sorry 😔

  3. It’s me tiny Ryu From TFcon I thought of telling you that my dad made Reese sandwich and he grilled it, it’s so good, it just tastes so sweet. So you should try it. So if would tell people about it at the next TFCon We should them what it looks like. Because will send you a picture of sometime okay.

  4. Chris Prospero

    Hello Vangelus! Big Fan! Do you have a fan email address? I got a couple of questions for you.


  5. Yo Vangelus. Your second part to the “Price of Hi Def” vid is muted. Did you try filing for a dispute? It is still technically for review purposes. And if not, do you have the original file? Cause I need it. I liked your skits there.

  6. Hey Vangelus, what backdrop/ background do you use?

  7. Hey, Vangelus. I’ve been watching your vids for a while (and I’m subscribed), and I really like your style. Also, I’ve been listening to WTF@TFW as well. I’m going through all of them from Episode 1 (very daunting, I know), and I can’t find episode 74’s mp3. It says “PAGE NOT FOUND”. What do I do? 😦
    One last thing: I have the be all, end all to what WTF stands for- When Transformers Fandango! 😉
    (Imagine Prime & Megs doing a lively Spanish dance with Soundwave playing a guitar, Blaster playing castanets, Frenzy/Rumble on horns, and Rewind/Eject on maracas.)

  8. Would it be better to get a KM-01X with or without the green axe for a difference of around $20?

  9. Hey Vangelus! I’ve got a quick question if you won’t mind me asking. I REALLY dig the Vaudiosonic podcast-thing(As stupid as that sounds, I think I could’ve made it worse…), and I’m kinda worried that it died-off over a year ago. Any word on whats going on?

  10. Any chance you might be interested in my Quakewave decal pack from Lunar Toy Store? I bought it at NYCC & now I don’t think I’m going to use it.


    Once applied, I was told it was possible to scratch them off, but I’m hesitant to try. But they might be the perfect thing for a V-build type video.

  11. Will you review Maketoys’ Mobine Series Paladin/CHAOS (aka Not-The-Fallen). Looking at your review of the Glyos toys, I’d love to see the insane modes and forms you’d come up with!

  12. How would I go about sending you a Transformer or figure to review? I have the Fansproject Warbot Assualter, and if you would like it, I could send it to you. I’m not that interested in it.

  13. I have to say, you are one of my go-to guys for reviews. You helped inspire a lot of the action shots I take for my own site…and you got me freaking hooked on FIGUARTS you bastard! lol Keep it up man!

  14. Ji, I am currently trying to revitalize my original ghostbusters ecto 1 toy and the stickers are pretty much unsalvageable and I was wondering if you knew a website I could go to to look for reissue or even up to date replacements. I appreciate you taking the time to read my comment and I love your reviews.

  15. mrguitardude55

    hi vangelus. ive been a fan of your work for a while and i just feel i need to ask your help. on WTF@TFW 208 you mentioned that not many people download the m4a, well id love to but everytime i click the download link for it on my android phone, i get the rss feed with no media link. so i click in the description and im redirected back to the podcast thread. any help for the poor technophobe?
    kindest regards
    ryan (mrguitardude55 on youtube)

  16. Hey! Been watching your video reviews for some time now. Do you like Metroid at all? I ask because I have the new Figma Samus Aran by Max Factory on the way here & I was kinda wondering if you’d like me to lend you the figure for a review. It’s not here yet, unfortunately, but should be within the next week or so. Let me know if you’re at all interested!

  17. Hi Vangelus,

    I’m currently writing an article/making a “how to do the perfect video review” video for a university project (in which I’m making a toys/collectibles magazine and website) and was wondering if I could get any pointers from you on the do’s and don’t of good review making? I’m a huge fan of yours and getting advice from my favourite youtuber would mean a lot to me, even if its just some very brief notes.

    Keep up the amazing work!

  18. Hey! I just started watching your reviews and I really like them a lot in many aspects (detailing, demographics, marketing and price). I am a graphic designer and recently I became interested about toy design (which is already difficult for me to research where to make it happen… here in Peru is so far from that department T_T).

    If you ever need an artist for title cards or anything else, my portfolio (http://seto-kaiba.net/senninfugen/) and DA (http://mochita-chan.deviantart.com/) accounts are available for you to check :).

  19. Hey, Vangelus.
    I’m sure you have a lot going on, but I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed listening to you talk about films (The Vengeance Trilogy, one of which is Old Boy) in the TFCon lobby last year. I love toys and occasionally catching reviews about them (my first love is visual arts), but I’d rather listen to more intellectual topics. (storytelling, psychology/sociology) More geekery! Sciences are more geeky than toy collecting!

  20. DO YOU READ THE BIBLE !!!!!?????!!!!!

  21. What kind of camera do you use ?
    You cost me a lot of money by the way

  22. Sorry for the double post…

  23. Hi from Hong Kong. A few points of interest:
    – Stuck Gaia Memory problem can be solved by changing the batteries (didn’t realise until I bought a spare Skull Magnum…)
    – Fourze belts are now available at close-to-Japan-retail prices
    – Decade stuff including the DX gear at normal Toys R Us retail prices as the series just started showing over here.


  24. Hi there – stuck Gaia Memory problem solved – just need to change the batteries! My Skull Memory could only say “Sku…” and after trying to fix the spring AND after having bought a new Skull Magnum (vastly discounted) I tried changing the batteries and the problem went away…

    Been that sort of week. Fourze Drivers much cheaper than the one I picked up back in September have been spotted in the streets of Hong Kong…

    Tip for anyone looking for Decade toys – just started showing here in Hong Kong so the DX toys are going for regular Toys R Us prices over here.


  25. Hi. This has no bearing on anything at all, but I liked your Dexter figure review, and also probably you get this all the time but I would totally, totally marry you. Caause you’re awesome.

  26. Hi Vangelus, I was just re-watching your Omega Spreem review; one of my favourite videos of yours ever!

    I have a question please, if you don’t mind:
    What version of Thanos is Skeletor’s Infinity Gauntlet from? It looks too small to be from the Marvel Select version, but to big (I assume) to be from the 3-3/4inch Marvel Universe line.

    Any info would be much appreciated, thanks.

  27. Michael O'Sullivan/Mikey

    Vangelus.kah is a fine website sir. As for aimless, ya don’t know the meaing of aimless. I’m aimless. You’re…suffering from slightly off gunsights.

    Seriously though, found some neat new stuff on here, it is now part of my weekly news check.

  28. Thiago (brazilian name)

    Hey vangelus, i am planning on starting a sereies of toy reviews of my own(in portuguese) and i’d like to ask your permission to use subtitles on my series to add humor to it as well, because they were just a genious idea, i just want to know if you’re ok with me using your idea, if you’re not, then that is perfectly fine by me, just let me know.
    Also, i want to thank you, because you werethe main reason i started to get serious on collecting toys(as serious as collecting toys can get anyways), and let you know that your work is awesome.

  29. you have the lifestyle that will cause a room full of teenage girls to get moist

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