Episode 79 – Kamen Rider Fourze Retrospective Roundtable

As part of the Tokusatsu Takedown, Mikey / GWolfV3 takes on the hosting duties as he, Timey, Jii Dee, Darkageis, Vangelus and podcast newcomer Rei / Random Factor talk at great length about Fourze in the long overdue retrospective of the series.

Listen out right to the end to hear a special deleted scene where Vangelus lost connection and hadda make do by recording his own special take on the Holoscopes…


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  1. why are they called “holoscopes” on this?….they’re horoscopes…like ya know the thing you get in the newspaper based on what sign you fall under…a horoscope…

  2. I had this thought pop up into my head after listening to this podcast: Kamen Rider Fourze: Friendship is Magic/Awesome. Not sure which ending word I like better, to be honest and although I groaned at my own joke after I spoke it aloud, I thought it was good enough to share with you so you might groan as well. This was a fun and interesting podcast. It also gave me something to listen to while I worked today, so double thanks!

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