01 – Apollo Change! – April 18 2011

Realizing that they are a pair of hot-blooded men who enjoy some live-action special effects, Vangelus calls up Apollo Z. Hack to chat about Tokusatsu and why they dig it.

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  1. its thanks to you and Omegas into kamen rider and when i watched my first series OOO’s i thought why was this show not brought over. then i went to W and i really enjoyed it and now im watching kabuto and then will try den-0 or maybe kiva not sure which yet. and as for sentai being im a big PR fan and seeing samurai in the states i wanted to see how Japan did the same show and i watch teh whole series and thought why is samurai so bad yet shinkenger is so awesome.

  2. KRDL.info – Great site to find fansubs. Made by an awesome guy who hosts subs from a lot of group. Free and he makes no money off of it.

    • Lol. Just realized that reads a lot like spam. Not spam. Just thinking when you shared some starter toku I’d share a good place to get that starter toku. 😉

  3. Thanks for introducing me into Kamen Rider, I’ve become quite addicted to it. I’ve also come to enjoy your podcasts on TFW2005 and HJU Radio.
    You seem to be a very busy man but I’d just like to request or suggest that you do a series of podcasts where you review or discuss each rider series. The HJU podcast you participated in for Kamen Rider The Next was very entertaining and informative, and I would look forward to hearing more.

    • The main reason why I don’t initiate any of that kind of retrospective stuff myself is mostly that I don’t know if I have the time right now to re-watch an entire series, let alone several. And I’d kind of like to if I were to discuss one for more than a couple of minutes, hehe.

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