03 – Dead Spaced 2 – April 22 and July 18 2011

An intercontinental tribunal of Vangelus, Gogdog, and CCTFW continue to discuss their mutual love of Dead Space, then reconvene months later to look at Dead Space 2: Severed.

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The Nerdsphere

  1. After listening to this and the first Dead Spaced, I’d love to know your opinion on Dead Space 3 and what you know of it. How do you feel about Isaac being the protagonist again? Do you look forward to the co-op aspect of it? Anything you’re worried about?

    • The stuff I’ve read about weapons has me going hmmm, but so far it looks alright. Isaac being the lead again bummed me out a bit but I don’t hate it. Co-op sounds neato.

      • Have you tried the weapon maker on the official site? The idea really intrigues me, being able to make a…kinetic ripper. Or a double javelin gun, I would seriously do that. The other thing that has me, at least, really pumped is the locale. The fact that it’s happening on an actual planet, and a snowy one at that, makes me wonder at what the developers are gonna do with it. It’ll have to involve more organic, free-flow environments than the previous ship hallways or living quarters like on the sprawl. Just…excited in general really.

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