NYCC 2011

October 13-16

Venture Bros 3.75-inch by Bif Bang Pow! (with Adam Pawlus of
TGB Customs (with Marty Hansen of
Artists Alley (with Marcelo Matere – Transformers, IDW, Fun Publications, TMNT)
Artists Alley (with Dan Khanna – Transformers, Fun Publications, IDW)
Megabloks (with Geneviève LeBrun, VP Marketing and Business Development)
Artists Alley (with Jamal Peppers – Archie Comics and Sonic the Hedgehog)
Artists Alley (with Tom Chu – DC and Marvel)
Bandai Tamashii and Bluefin Distribution (with Adam Newman of Bandai Co.)
Glyos System (with Matt Doughty of Onell Design)

Transformers Brand
Transformers: Prime
Tiger & Bunny

01 – Pressing Matters – Oct 14
02 – The NYCC Morning Queue Experience – Oct 15
03 – Polaroid Adventures Oct 15
04 – Sunday Oct 16
The Glyos Big Rig (with Phil Reed of – Oct 15

  1. Yeah. Uh. I’m seconding Baltan. ADAM NEXT ADAMN NEXT ADAM NEXT ADAM NEXT

  2. First two videos were neat, bit more insight into two product lines that I know of but haven’t partaken in yet. Can we expect videos to go up in this order? Waiting on Bluefin is gonna be hell…

    • Bluefin will take a while because I talked to a very cool dude named Adam Newman for over 30 minutes. XD I just hope some of the info that got me excited hasn’t been huge public knowledge for ages so it isn’t disappointing for people.

      • It might prove to be public knowledge for ME, because… you know, it’s me. But I bet a ton of people are gonna end up learning something from your interview.

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